A Message from Fatima Mann

A Check In from Young Adult Community Builder, Fatima Mann


New Facebook Group

Join Peace’s new Facebook Group – Friends of Peace Lutheran Austin
This is a public Facebook group where we can share ideas, volunteer opportunities, encourage each other, post fun stuff and discuss things related to the Peace community and ministries. Whether you are interested in Peace, new to Peace or a long time member, please join so you can connect and be part of the conversation.

Update on Campus Closures

In person church gatherings are currently suspended through September 8.
In person Sunday worship is currently suspended until November 29.
All in-person gatherings of Peace Lutheran Church are currently suspended. We hope we can begin to allow small groups to gather at church with safety protocols in place beginning September 8. We will be monitoring the public health situation as that date approaches


Lord of Life Intern Jason Mills

Lord of Life Lutheran Church welcomes their new intern, Jason Mills.


Holy Communion begins Aug 2

These past five months have brought challenges, fears, and suffering…and also some surprising joys. I am grateful for technology that allows many of us to stay connected even from the distance we must keep for the sake of safety. 


Donation Drive Thru on July 26

Let’s celebrate Christmas in July! On July 26, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm, you can drop off donations…both for our neighbors through Hill Country Community Ministries…and for Peace’s un-budgeted expenses to prepare for proper disinfection procedures when we regather in person.


Online Middle School Retreat

JHaMS at AC is usually four days at Austin College with dozens of your closest rising 6th-9th grade friends. But this year, we’re going all online – but not like boring Zoom calls – this is going to be fun and interactive and possibly weird at times, but in a good way.


Lutherhill Virtual Day Camp

Lutherhill Ministries is offering a Virtual Day Camp on their website, and its 100% free!


Interested in Handbells?

It will probably be a while before a group of us can sing together, due to the high risk of transmitting the virus through this particular activity. However, maybe while we can’t sing together-we can ring together!!


New Community Connections Series

Community Connections is presenting a 7-week series entitled Dialogues on Race.  We hope you can join us Sundays at 1:00 pm on Zoom beginning July 12. Following is a list of the session titles, followed by the focus of the session. 


Tuesday Night Book Club

We will gather on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm beginning July 14 around Rev. Lenny Duncan’s book Dear Church: A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the US.



There is so much for which the world hungers today – more justice, more peace…more connection…more care…and…also more food, quite literally. We know that as hard as times have been, they are likely to get harder as the buffers that have blunted some of the economic impacts of the pandemic fade away.


Beloved Community Dialogue

The Southwestern Texas Synod is offering resources and events to congregations as we are called to rebuild relationships and rebuild communities. Register Now for a dialog session on Thursday, July 2nd at 7 pm via zoom. The purpose of this event is to introduce


Blood Drive at Peace June 17

Many thanks to those who participated in the Blood Drive last Wednesday July 17. Together, we were able to collect over 28 pints for people in need. As the “We are Blood” logo states: Around here, giving is in our blood!


Managing Chronic Health Conditions

By this point in time, we have all been exposed to various information about COVID-19. Perhaps one of the most important tips we’ve heard is related to the groups who are most at-risk for developing illness from the virus.


Encouragement and Inspiration

Dear friends, this is a complicated and difficult time. In the midst of a pandemic…with great unrest in our nation…we continue to hear the call of Christ to proclaim God’s love and justice.

In times like this I want to offer you encouragement…and inspiration…


Congrats 2020 High School Grads!

Blessings for our High School Graduates of 2020!


Living Legacy

As a child, one of my favorite memories were those sitting at the feet of my grandparents as they told stories from their past. I learned about their experience with the Great Depression, time spent in an orphanage, the end of segregation, and so much more. Although I also learned about these historical events in school, their personal stories were invaluable.


New! Connect to Worship by Phone

If you or someone you know isn’t able to connect to worship through our online offerings, we have added a new way to connect by phone. Each week Sunday worship will be accessible for the week by calling 512-886-8617.


Pentecost is Coming

While we will observe Pentecost very differently this year than we often do, there are a few special things happening that we want you to know about for worship on May 31.
1) We will be having a Zoom fellowship time after worship that Sunday morning.


Fifth Sunday Donations

At the beginning of this year the Board of Congregational and Community Care (C&CC) had made plans for 2020. Like everything else, these just do not make a lot of sense anymore.


When the New Normal Isn’t Normal

In just a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has turned our lives upside-down and has made things unpredictable, uncontrollable, and unprecedented. We are no longer just anxious about the virus itself, but the


Worshipping Together While Apart

Worship leadership needs have changed during this time of required isolation and we have implemented a new plan which provides flexibility during this changing time.


Children’s Chapel – The Holy Spirit

Peace Preschool families and all others with young children are welcome to join in this brief chapel service for children.
Told based on the Spark Story Bible story “The Holy Spirit”, copyright 2009, Augsburg Fortress Publishing. Shared by permission.

Children’s Chapel – Jesus Makes Us Part of His Work

Peace Preschool families and all others with young children are welcome to join in this brief chapel service for children.
Told based on the Spark Story Bible story “The Great Commission”, copyright 2009, Augsburg Fortress Publishing. Shared by permission.