Discipleship Sessions

Starting May 1!
Whether you are new to Peace, plugging back in, or just eager to connect with a wider group in our faith family – these Sunday sessions are for you!

At Peace we make it a point each year to invite new folks to connect. We don’t call it a new member class…because it isn’t about the learning…not really…and there certainly isn’t any test. It’s about slowing down, deepening in faith as we listen to ourselves and to one another and to God.
This year, we will gather each Sunday in May for a meal (as long as safety practices allow) and conversation. We’ll be reading Scripture, as well as a short book about the story of a congregation in the Pacific Northwest who was bold to answer a call to help provide housing for neighbors in need.

These gatherings and the whole Easter season will also be a time to get to know about Peace as a community…and to discuss Christian life in general…and Lutheranism in particular.

If you missed our first sessions, you are still welcome to join in. If you are interested, please email Pastor Carolyn (and feel free to share any food safety or dietary needs you may have).