Godly Play

Sundays at 9:30 am Facebook
At Peace we invite children into God’s story through Godly Play. This approach to faith formation honors that children have their own experiences of God, and our work is to help them build language about that experience…and to teach them the sacred stories in which they will find their place. Godly Play time is shaped like the time of worship: Gathering, Story, Feast, Sending. Children respond to the story with their own creative work and wonder. The environment is carefully prepared, with beautiful materials and loving hearts. Dr. Jerome Berryman has brought Christian liturgy and Montessori teaching principles together to develop this method, which has been practiced for over 40 years.
Children are welcomed into the circle when they are ready – often age 2 or 3. Children of all ages hear the story together and are offered age-appropriate materials for their response work.
Peace Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Godly Play Foundation and participates in the Godly Play Guild of Central Texas.

Children in Worship

We welcome people of all ages in worship, and we hope to provide an environment where families can worship together. To honor our youngest worshiper, we offer our prayground close to the action where children can see and engage in worship, while providing quiet activities for bodies that like to be in motion. There are also activity bags for older children hanging by the entrance to the worship space to use at their seats.
When young worshipers aren’t ready to engage in worship and need space to run or express themselves more loudly than their caregivers think is good for worship, there is a train table in the Narthex and a Nursery behind the worship space that children can visit with a caregiver. There are changing tables in the restrooms, as well as in the Nursery.

Vacation Bible School

Join us online for virtual VBS  June 7-11. Videos will remain available for the summer.
Every June, Peace holds a week-long, half-day Vacation Bible School that has become widely respected in the community as a place of great learning, fun, and care. We travel to another time or place to explore stories from the Bible and church history. Many adult volunteers lead children from throughout the community in crafts, music, stories, games, and snacks.

Peace Preschool

Named one of the Top Ten Preschools by Austin Monthly magazine, Peace Preschool is a place where children thrive. We believe learning is rooted in life experiences that allow for exploration and discovery, nurtured by wise guidance from well-educated teachers. Our curriculum is centered on providing a wide range of learning experiences so that children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, linguistically and spiritually.
The National Association for the Education of Young Children cites one aspect of early-childhood programs as making the single greatest difference – the personal interaction between teacher and child. Through this relationship, children develop a sense of themselves as successful learners. As a result, Peace Preschool employs certified, well-credentialed teachers who have a passion for excellence in early childhood education.