Weekly Connection Schedule

Monday – Morning prayer at 9:00 am on Facebook Live

Tuesday – Book Conversation Night at 8:00 pm on GoToMeeting*

Wednesdays –
– Dinner Chat at 6:00 pm on GoToMeeting* &

– Holden Evening Prayer at 7:00 pm on Facebook or our homepage.

Thursdays – Musical Reflection and Hymn Requests at 7:00 pm on Facebook Live

Fridays – Email Update Sent Out & Night Prayer at 9:00 pm on Facebook Live

Sundays –
– Worship at 10:00 am on Facebook and here
– Godly Play Story at 11:30 am on Facebook Live;
– Community Connections at 1:00 pm (or as leaders are available) on Facebook Live;
– Dinner & Lectionary Discussion at 5:00 pm on GoToMeeting*
*For GoToMeeting links, see weekly email or email us at office@peaceaustin.org

To help stay connected with those who do not use the internet so much, we request that everyone use their church directory and reach out to every other household on the same page as you once a week in some form to make sure we are all have someone to talk to and check in on us. If you need a copy of the directory, please let us know. (And if you find you’re not in the directory and would like to be…or if your information is out of date…please be in touch, and we’ll fix it!)