Update for CROP Walk – April 2020

As with many other events in this COVID-19 environment, the Leander-Cedar Park CROP Hunger Walk has been cancelled. Although the walk has been cancelled, the fundraising has not–the goal for our congregation is $10,000 and “walkers” are busy raising funds through email, social media, and phone calls. We have currently raised $3,797 as of April 1.
It is likely that we will not be seeing you before the collection deadline. How much do you spend on groceries each week? $50? That’s 150 meals in a food bank. $100? That’s 222 pounds of food for needy families. $250? That’s a pair of goats, seeds and gardening tools for food and income plus 150 meals in a food bank plus 222 pounds of food for needy families. Please prayerfully consider donating an amount equal to or higher than your weekly grocery bill. Donate here
You can donate in general to the congregation or choose one of the fundraisers and donate in their name.