Stephen Ministry Training Information

Through the network of Stephen Ministry congregations we have found opportunities to share continuing education and to provide training to potential Stephen Ministers. In the past we have always done our own training, however, to get the full benefit of the training for new Stephen Ministers it is important that there be an adequate number of people to share experiences and to do the (sometimes dreaded) role plays. Bethany Methodist Church has offered to do the training for other Stephen Ministry congregations. They will begin a new class in September, however, the exact times for the training have not been finalized. On August 25 there will be an Information coffee from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in their Ministry Center. If you are interested please contact one of our Stephen Leaders.


What is the commitment that is asked for from your Stephen Ministers?

  • Committing to participate in Stephen Ministry for a minimum of two years, which includes training and then service as a Stephen Minister;
  • Attending all training sessions, except when sickness, emergency, or having to be out of town makes it impossible to attend;
  • Serving under the direction of the congregation’s Stephen Leaders; and
  • Attending all twice-monthly supervision and continuing education sessions, unless it is not possible to be in attendance because of sickness, emergency, or having to be out of town.


Stephen Leaders: Laura Eichner, Ernie Klatt, Matthew Bloom and Linda Parsells.


If you would like the care of a Stephen Minister, please call Laura Eichner (women) 512- 656-4372 or Ernie Klatt (men) 512-469-6881.