Preparing for Holy Week

As we prepare for Holy Week, we know that God is present in the midst of this earthly, embodied life. Here are some things you can gatherto use in your holy week worship & devotions.*

Palm Sunday:
Bring a branch for your yard to worship at 10 am.

Holy Monday:
Prepare a small bowl of oil for your devotion time

Holy Tuesday:
Find some seeds outside or on your spice rack for your devotions.

Holy Wednesday:
Gather some note-writing supplies for your devotions.

Maundy Thursday:
Begin to prepare for worship with devotions at dinner before worship at 7 pm.

Good Friday:
Prepare 6 candles and a cross for worship at 7 pm.

Holy Saturday: Gather some candles (or make a fire in your fireplace or fire pit), and bring a pitcher of water with a drinking glass, a bowl, and a watering can (or whatever you might use to water plants)

Easter Sunday: Yourself!* (You can dress up or bring some beautiful flowers…OR come in your pjs with your coffee)

*All God really wants and needs is you. You can gather all these things or none of them. Jesus’ friends didn’t have anything to offer that first Easter, and Jesus came back for them. You don’t have to do anything or have anything for Jesus to come to you, either. That’s what the good news of Easter really is, after all.