Potluck and Lutheranism 10/1

This Sunday… Food and… a chat about Lutheranism & Peace
You may have noticed that Sundays after worship lately, there is often food and…something else…a potluck lunch and conversation topic. We are working to make this a consistent part of our weekly schedule. Some weeks, perhaps we will just have food and informal fellowship. Some weeks there will be a guest leader or formal presentation on a topic…or a service opportunity.
This week, we will continue to gather. You are invited to bring some food to share if you can…and participate in a conversation about our Lutheran identity and stories. Some of us are new to Lutheranism…or don’t consider ourselves Lutheran…while others of us have never been anything else. Let’s talk a bit about what it means to be Lutheran…and specifically how we “do” Lutheranism in this community called Peace.
If you have requests for a topic you want to lead or learn about in future weeks, feel free to let us know!