Paschal Candle Creation Event

On: Sunday, March 4, beginning at 3:30PM, come help create our 2018 Paschal candle on March 4. We will have snacks and bible study as the wax melts. Come whenever you can and stay as long as you are able. The event will continue through the dinner hour, and you may feel free to bring food to share. 

In the ancient Easter hymn the Exultet, we sing thanks for God’s “servant bees” who provide us wax for the candle that symbolize Christ’s resurrected life and presence among us. This is the great candle we first light at the New Fire of the Easter Vigil each year…and which remains lit throughout the Great 50 Days of Easter. We light it again after that only at particular moments in the life of God’s people – specifically when our individual lives are gathered up into the resurrected life of Christ at Baptism and when our Baptism is complete in death at funerals.

Last year we made our own paschal candle for the first time. We continue that practice this year. This time of creating lets us reflect together on the season of Lent that is now here, and on how God comes to be present with us in the goodness of the things of the earth. We hope you can join us!