New Testament Studies

In Community Connections from September through May, we will have the opportunity to study books of the New Testament. Three Sundays a month, we will look at a specific book from the New Testament or a series of passages around a single theme. These bible studies aren’t intended to preview or review the day’s readings from worship although we may study some passages from upcoming Sunday worship services.
Each session will begin with readings of each passage to study followed by a time to reflect. Then we will explore the passages, think about how each passage relates to our lives, and consider how we can apply these insights to our lives in the coming days or weeks.
For September and one Sunday in October, we will be looking at Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. It is a letter of thanksgiving for the Philippians’ material support of Paul’s ministry. Paul’s thanks, however, are combined with the belief in God’s grace for both himself and the Philippians, and therefore God deserves the ultimate thanks. Paul expresses his warmest feelings for the Philippians, the freedom of joy in the Lord even as he is in chains, and he encourages them to be of one mind in Christ.
You can find the schedule and descriptions for Community Connections sessions on our Adult Faith Formation page.