Missional River Reflections

This past weekend, March 2-3, six Peace folks traveled to Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Maxwell, Texas for the first of three learning gatherings that will be a part of the Missional River process which we are just beginning.
The Missional River is a journey guided by Southwestern Texas Synod Staff and trainers from LEAD (Living Every day As Disciples). Peace’s core LEAD team will be inviting participation in many forms from everyone at Peace, and we have a great journey of listening and learning ahead of us.
At this first gathering, we received an orientation to the LEAD “Tune-In” Process…which emphasizes three different phases of listening…Listening to God in Scripture and Prayer, Listening to God in the Congregation, and Listening to God in the Neighborhood.
We took away a number of key insights and learnings:
“We have started on a journey of uncertain destination lead by the spirit. The hope is the process brings us closer to God, each other, and our neighbors.” (Maureen White Eagle)
“We’ve begun a process of discovery. It’s a time to learn about ourselves, our congregation, and our community and to discern what we are being called to do in our community.” (Daniel Villareal)
“My takeaway is that congregations often vacillate between peaks and valleys in the normal course of their ministries… That is not all bad, as it gives you time and opportunity to adjust. A valley is NOT the same as a deep trench or gully.” (Gene Holiman)
“One takeaway that struck me was how important it is to accept that we all have our own stories.” (Ernie Klatt)
 “I think my main takeaway was the importance of listening and reflecting, and that listening may be a core function of a faith community… I’m looking forward to exploring listening more deeply and intentionally as a continuing practice and competency, rather than just the usual cursory scan of the environment before doing a strategic plan.” (Betty Klatt)
We all look forward to being on this journey as a community. Feel free to ask any of these LEAD Team members if you are interested in hearing more!