Missional River Listening Team

There are ten steps in the Missional River process. While we are now working on steps 2 & 3 we want to report what we learned looking back at step 1. This step focused on building a listening team. This happened through training, coaching, developing of a purpose statement, developing a covenant, deciding on roles for team members, study, planning, and practice. Here are a few of the things we learned. Some of these may be a surprise and others may just sound like common sense.

1. We often think we know someone, but just know people on the surface.
2. To really connect and develop a relationship, we must ask deep questions and listen deeply.
3. Getting to know people on the Listening Team required more than meeting regularly; it required meaningful conversations.
4. Many church activities are not conducive to meaningful conversations.
5. It takes time to build trust in relationships.
6. Everyone has a point of view based on their experiences in life. Understanding those experiences may help in understanding different points of view.
7. People rarely have an opportunity to express themselves to a good listener.
8. Commitment means completing assigned tasks, but at times there are other priorities despite the desire to meet commitments.
9. Communication within the church is often sharing information by written means. There are fewer opportunities for intentional one on one communication intended to build relationships.

We will work to keep you informed throughout this process. For our next steps, we will need your help. Please be ready to participate. If you have questions about the process, please feel free talk with one of the team members: Maureen White Eagle, Daniel Villarreal, Gene Holiman, Ernie Klatt, Betty Klatt, or Pastor Carolyn.