Making Positive Changes

Caring for ourselves may involve making some positive changes in our lives. So try to pinpoint what will motivate you to make those changes. The reasons below may help.

10 Reasons to Live Well in the ELCA

  1. To be a more effective leader for the sake of the world
  2. To model healthy behaviors for our children
  3. To have a healthier relationship with God
  4. To endure hardship with resilience and grace
  5. To feel better in mind and body
  6. To avoid lifestyle-related illness
  7. To better steward gifts given by God
  8. To age with strength and dignity
  9. To help lead our congregation toward wellness
  10. To help decrease overall health care costs thereby increasing mission dollars (Portico Benefit Services, 2019)

The Abundance of Living Well As people of faith, we’re called to steward all our gifts, including our bodies, relationships, money, and more. That means living well and caring for ourselves fully in mind, body, and spirit (Portico Benefit Services, 2019). Learn about Overcoming Distractions and watch the video: An Easier Way to Live Well to learn about centering prayer. On the 3rd tab read about activities of Slow Down and Be Still Portico Benefit Services. (2019). The abundance of living well.