Interview with Mary Mayo

Peace Preschool believes that learning is rooted in life experiences that allow for exploration and discovery, nurtured by wise guidance from well-educated teachers.  Our curriculum is centered on providing a wide range of learning experiences so that children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, linguistically and spiritually. We follow the State of Texas Pre-K Guidelines and the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
The preschool offers classes for four age groups; 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and a Kindergarten class. We are currently a half-day program that runs on a traditional school calendar, September through May.
 We have weekly chapel with lots of singing and a short Bible story provided by the much-loved Pastor Carolyn and Mr. Jacob!

Mary is only our preschools’ second director. Mary joined Peace Preschool as a parent in 2001 and served on the Peace Preschool board for one term.  Mary was one of our preschool teachers from September 2003 to May 2007; she became preschool director in June 2007.  This is the same year we moved into the new Education Building! 

When I asked Mary to tell me the most important aspects of running an early childhood program, Mary said at its heart it centers on the personal interactions you have with the children, families and teachers.  Building strong relationships with children and their families helps ensure the children will develop a sense of themselves as successful learners.  Having strong relationships with staff ensures a strong sense of community and a place that teachers can achieve both their career and personal goals.  
The Preschool Board is the bridge between the preschool and church.  The board is here to support Mary and the staff, while keeping in mind the needs of the church.  The by-laws of Peace Lutheran Children’s Ministries state that the mission of the corporation is to provide a high quality, affordable Christian educational ministry for young children in the community.   The board helps us achieve this goal. 
Mary received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Education) with a minor in English from Texas A&M University in 1995.    She has her Texas Teaching Certificate with an emphasis in English, Math and Reading.  Mary is currently working on a Master of Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood. 
Mary has been happily married to Kevin for 26 years.  Mary has two sons, Preston (20), a junior at Texas A&M and Connor (18), a senior at Vandegrift HS.  Preston and Connor are both proud Peace Preschool Alumni!