Holy Week & Easter 2024

This Sunday, we enter Holy Week…
March 23 – Palm & Garment Sunday Worship at 10 am
Clothing donations are welcome as we lay branches and garments to welcome Jesus into the Holy City.
March 28 – Maundy Thursday Worship at 7 pm
We receive forgiveness and remember Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, as we share holy communion. We are invited into Jesus’ command to love one another, as he washes his disciples’ feet and invites us to humbly serve one another. The altar is stripped as the service and we prepare to go to the cross with Jesus.
March 29 – Good Friday Worship at 7 pm
We worship and pray as we hear the Passion according to Saint John.
March 30 – Easter Vigil Worship at 7 pm
We gather around the cosmic fire of creation and hear the sacred story that has carried us from Creation to this sacred day. We remember baptism, and hear the resurrection proclaimed, coming to Holy Communion to welcome Easter joy.
March 31 – Easter Sunday Worship at 10 am
With flowers and fanfare and joyful celebration, we gather to receive the news that Christ is alive!