HCCM Needs You Today

Many people have been asking what is needed, and at this time, it’s very simple. We need money donations.

Here are the facts:
We are predicting an increase of 45-85% in families served over the next 3-6 months. We’ve already seen a steady increase, just this week.
We will need to start purchasing food instead of receiving usual donations from our retailers. They just don’t have much to donate at this time.
For every dollar donated, 93% goes to providing services for those in need. That means if you donate $1, 93 cents goes to HCCM programs and only 7 cents will be directed to helping us stay open.
We need volunteers because many of our wonderful people are in the high risk category and need to shelter in place for now. If you can volunteer, we have a great need.

Last year, we helped an average of 150 families per day. In 2019, that means 78,000 individuals were served. With a conservative increase of 50%, we are looking at 225 families per day that will be depending on us for food to feed their families.

Help your neighbors in need today:
$25 =100 meals
$50 = 200 meals
$100 = 400 meals
$250 = 1,000 meals

$500 = 2,000 meals

Donate through Peace by choosing HCCM from the dropdown box or donate directly to HCCM.org

Together, we can weather this storm and continue to help our neighbors in need.