God’s Work. Our Hands. Sept 13

Each year the ELCA designates a day and encourages its member churches to serve their neighbor by completing a service project. The date this year is September 13th. Pastor Carolyn has shared a calendar which you could use daily for the whole month. We will not be able to participate as a group to do a service project so here are a couple of additional ideas for service for yourself or your family:

1. Donate and shop. Our partners at the Hill Country Community Ministries (HCCM) Thrift Store at 15011 Leander Dr, Leander, provide free clothes to clients of HCCM. Many of the clothes are gently worn, however for items such as socks only new are provided. With children going back to school the need is great. Buy a package of children socks (or multiple packages) and go to the Thrift Store to donate. You can just take them to the front counter. Be sure you are masked. While you are there take a few moments to look around. There are clothes, toys, household items, books, etc. Your purchase will aid HCCM in purchasing some foods or clothing items that have not been donated. It will also provide some support to those experiencing housing insecurity.
If you wish to donate other items please call ahead at (512) 334-6464. They have a shortage of volunteers due to the pandemic and do not always have someone available to help unloading. HCCM needs volunteers in many areas including their food pantry, caseworkers, daily bread pick-up, grounds and facilities maintenance, and truck drivers. You can learn more at HCCM.org.
2. Create your own Bags of Peace. This is easy to do and the whole family can be involved. Following is an example of what goes into making a bag:
    • 1 gallon storage bag
    • 1 bottle water
    • 1 or 2 meal items
      • Can of Vienna Sausages
      • Microwavable meal
    • 1 fruit cup
    • 1 package of cheese or peanut butter crackers
    • 1 individually wrapped beef jerky or similar
    • 1 pack of eating utensils
    • 1 small sealed plastic bag with a few wet wipes
    • 1 card with your favorite Bible verse, a verse of encouragement, or a drawing from one of the children.
Keep a bag handy in your car for when you can safely hand it to someone in need.
Whatever service you can provide will be sufficient.
Board of Congregational and Community Care