Fifth Sunday Donations

At the beginning of this year the Board of Congregational and Community Care (C&CC) had made plans for 2020. Like everything else, these just do not make a lot of sense anymore. Potluck dinners during Lent were the first to go and I don’t think we will be doing a Crawfish Boil anytime soon. The Mobile Loaves and Fishes truck is not going out and Meals on Wheels has had to change how they distribute meals. While these are all disappointing, we find ourselves in a time where multitudes of our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering.
This is a tough time for some in our own congregation so we ask that they take care of themselves and let us know if they need any assistance. However, many of our congregation are still doing well. People may even be wondering how they could help others with part of their stimulus checks. For 5th Sunday Giving this month we ask that you consider donating to one of the organizations listed below that are serving those in need:
You can make donations directly to any of these organizations on their websites or on the Peace website giving page. There is a menu of available funds listed. Checks can also be made to Peace with the name of the organization you wish to support on the memo line. Please mail these to:
Peace Lutheran Church
PO Box 171047
Austin, Tx 78717-0039
Board of Congregational and Community Care