Family Promise has ended in Austin

This past December, Foundation for the Homeless gathered the coordinators from the churches and synagogues that participated in Family Promise to announce that their participation in this program was ending, effective January 1.

The new leadership in Foundation for the Homeless felt that they needed to find better ways to support the clients. With the loss of the Day Resource Center a couple of years ago, the clients no longer had any place to go during the day and were left to figure things out on their own. This often meant trying to find a recreational center or some other place where they could stay until they could return to the church. There were several other concerns brought up including driving distance and frequently changing work schedules which made it difficult for the families.For the time being, the families have all been moved into the 3 houses that the program has leased. The plan is to make arrangements with an apartment complex to lease 5-6 units for the program’s use. This would provide stable housing for the guests until they are able to secure long-term accommodations.

All the blankets that were used for the program are being donated to Mobile Loaves and Fishes and the remaining groceries will go to Hill Country Community Ministries food pantry. All of the other items (linens, mattresses, lamps, etc) are being donated to the youth group so that they may be sold at next church rummage sale. Anything left over from that sale will go to Easter Seals. 

I want to thank all who have helped with Family Promise. Over the 2 years that Peace was involved, we had 85 individuals that contributed to the program by providing funds, meals, groceries, linens, and their time. Each hosting period averaged about 35 volunteers. During this time, Family Promise helped 288 guests in 72 families with a success rate of 82% for families moving into stable housing.

While it is sad to see this program end, I feel it’s important to acknowledge the good work that has been done. I feel confident we will find other ways to channel the congregation’s desire to help those in need. 


Daniel Villarreal