Being Present During Strange Times

What happens when you have a problem and you would like to talk with someone but the world is upside down and you hear from every direction that you need to keep isolated? This seems to be where we are at now and for the near future.
One of the main benefits of Stephen Ministry is the presence of someone to walk with a person who is having a crisis. Being there is extremely important, however please don’t let this time of sheltering at home keep you from asking for help. Though we may not meet in person, we can work out the logistics of telephone, text or video meetings. None of these options are perfect, however your need for safety at this time is paramount.I used the term crisis earlier and that is something you define. Examples might be relationship issues, death of a loved one, illness, loss of faith, unemployment, anxiety due to coronavirus etc. For more information or to ask for a Stephen Minister please call Laura Eichner or Ernie Klatt, or email us at with your contact information.