Every week adults from Peace Lutheran Church gather together to study the Bible, develop friendships, pursue wholeness, and share life experiences. Are you ready to join in? Learn more about a sampling of our groups and classes here, email to explore what may be your next steps. 

Sunday Opportunities

Community Connections is currently experimenting with the best time slot and format. In October, join us for after worship potlucks and conversations about being Christian, being Lutheran, being the ELCA, and being Peace.

Weekday Opportunities

Women’s Bible Study on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:30 am on ZoomAll women are welcome for Bible Study. Bring your Bible as we dive into God’s word through the study published in Gather, the ELCA women’s publication. See the weekly email for the link or email us.

 Community Connections Sessions

Potluck 11/19

Potluck and Learning Resumes
“Food and…The End of the World!”
Sunday, November 19, after worship at 11:30 am
Our potluck and learning routine has been a bit irregular in recent weeks…but this week potluck is back! We’ll gather for food and discussion on the topic “Waiting at the End of the World.” We’ll learn a bit about big theology words like “apocalypse” and “eschatology,” and see how those ideas might offer practical guidance and comfort in a world that sometimes feels like it is falling apart. You re invited to bring your questions, and food to share, if you can. 

All Saints Sunday 2023

All Saints Sunday Worship & Potluck – November 5
On All Saints Sunday, we worship and remember the saints who have gone before us. You are invited to add names of those we can remember and honor to the Book of Life in the Sanctuary through October 29 (or to email names to to be added).
Following worship, we will have a potluck lunch, and you are invited to bring a dish to share that connects you to saints of blessed memory. If you would like to bring a recipe, we will make copies to share with one another to join in remembering and honoring our loved ones.

Reformation Sunday 2023

Reformation is Coming!
This Sunday, October 29, you are invited to wear red or other fire colors…and to join in worship at 10 am in person or online, where Peace welcomes new members and blesses Bibles for the coming year of study. If you have your own devotional Bible, you may bring it for a blessing. And we will also have new Bibles for all ages ready if we can gift you one for your journey with sacred scripture.
We will also be Welcoming New Members in worship, and celebrating with them at a luncheon following the service. 

Reformation Movie Event

Sunday, October 22 at 1:00 pm
All are invited to our Reformation Movie Event screening of Luther (2003). In the style of one of our favorite local movie house, this will be an interactive movie event with props provided (and snacks, too). You can throw crumpled indulgences at Johann Tetzel…ring wedding bells for Martin and Katie…boo the villains…cheer the heroes…and maybe even join Squire George and put on a disguise to hide from danger…


Reformation Ready Potlucks

Post-worship potluck gatherings in October!


Potluck and Lutheranism 10/1

This Sunday… Food and… a chat about Lutheranism & Peace
You may have noticed that Sundays after worship lately, there is often food and…something else…a potluck lunch and conversation topic. We are working to make this a consistent part of our weekly schedule. Some weeks, perhaps we will just have food and informal fellowship. Some weeks there will be a guest leader or formal presentation on a topic…or a service opportunity.


Sept 24 Pastor Katy Visit

Pastor Katy Miles-Wallace Visiting September 24
While Vicar Brady Wayne and Pastor Carolyn are at Ebert Ranch on retreat with our confirmation students learning about the Lord’s Prayer, Pastor Katy Miles-Wallace, synod staff member and pastor of Technicolor Ministries will be leading worship at Peace.


Faith Formation for All Ages

The new program year is here! This year, the children’s circle will meet weekly at 9:30 AM, before worship. Middle school students are invited to join our confirmation cohort (email Pastor Carolyn for information). We also anticipate having at least 2 post-worship learning and fellowship events for adults each month. The schedule will be announced soon, as we gather feedback. Feel free to share your input using the Spiritual Development Survey here.

Water from the Well

Water from the Well: New & Re-newing Member Series

If you are new or returning to Peace…or just looking to renew connections to God and others, we will be hosting a series of sessions for fellowship, learning and conversation this Spring. This series is always shaped by those who wish to participate.

person reading a book


person reading a book
On November 20th after church, there will be a read out loud circle! Everyone who wishes to participate should bring a written item to read out loud in front of others. It can be from a book, a poem, your own journal, or any other interesting written source, up to two pages or 5 minutes. If the reading sparks conversation, then the group can spend some time on it. If not, we move on down the circle.


Board Game Day!!
On October 30th after church we are hosting a board game day in the narthex. There will be a scrabble set or two, and depending on turnout other options for those who do not want scrabble. We’ll sit down at one of the Narthex tables and play a game or two after church and before lunch. People who want to go out to lunch together after can express interest on the day, or ahead of time if you prefer by emailing

Budget graphic


Budget graphic
Here’s your chance to dive deep into the finances of the congregation and to ask any questions that you might have before the congregational meeting on November 13. The Peace finance team will be available to discuss the council’s approved ministry plan for 2023 and the outlook for 2022-2024 and beyond. We hope you can join us Sunday Nov 6 at 11:30 pm. We’ll meet in the room formerly known as the pastor’s study and also on Zoom.