Church & Fandoms…Communities & Canons
If you are a Trekkie, or participate in the fan communities of others cultural phenomena like Dr. Who, Star Wars, or Twilight & Harry Potter…then you know how serious people can take shows and characters and storylines and their meanings.
In fact, if you are a Christian, you know this already in a different way, right? 
And there are fascinating parallels between the two. We will be discussing an episode of Decoder Ring, which delves into a specific controversy within the fan community of the BBC Show Sherlock…to see if looking closely at it might also help us see some things about ourselves more clearly. You can listen in advance here.
(Content Note: This podcast episode discusses sexuality and specific sexual behaviors, as well as sexual assault, in relationship to the characters of the show and their fans. Please take care of yourself and choose what is right for you in listening.)