Weekly Communion Resumes 8/22

Beginning this Sunday and going through October, weekly communion will be part of our Sunday morning live stream. This means that if you tune in live on Sunday morning, communion will be at the end of worship…no need to switch to a different connection to participate.

As we remain in Stage 5 in the Austin area, we will continue to connect only online for worship. All are encouraged to prepare bread and wine or juice at home and set your table at home as a piece of God’s wide altar in the world.

If you are joining us for worship after Sunday morning, you will find a Service of the Word archived on the website and facebook page, without communion included. To underscore our connection to one another, even from a distance, and the deeply relational nature of the Sacrament, we will observe it at the same time as we are in different places. (And we may add a contemplative service of communion via zoom, as well, at another time of day…for those who wish to converse with one another or who need to worship at a time other than Sunday morning.)

Fellowship on Zoom will continue to follow Communion on Sunday mornings.