The Overwhelming Holidays

The opening phrase of one Christmas hymn reads, “Cold December flies away . . .”  While here in Austin, Texas, December isn’t always cold, the days, following the Thanksgiving holiday, do seem to fly by.

For those with young or not so young families, the activities during these days of Advent, can sometimes become overwhelming – “so much to do, so little time.”

For those whose families are grown and now live far away, there may be travel plans to be made, in addition to other preparations.  Then there are those who do not have the anticipation of traveling to family or family traveling to them.  The coming holidays may not hold the promise of enjoying time with family; it may be a time of loneliness and remembering happier days.


In each of these circumstances, our feelings can be overwhelming.  How can we, in whatever situation we find ourselves, find joy in the message and promise of Christmas?  For each of us, the answer may be different.  I would like to suggest that visiting with a Stephen Minister about our feelings, can be very helpful.  Yes, it adds “one more thing” to the list, but it may be the one thing on our lists that help us keep our perspective and enables us to find meaning, joy, and peace despite each of our overwhelming situations. 


To receive the care of a Stephen Minister, please call Laura Eichner at 512-656-4372

(women) or Ernie Klatt at 512-569-6881 (men).


The Stephen Ministers of Peace Lutheran Church wish you a most blessed and meaningful Christmas.