Navigating the Vaccine Process

There are so many things in our lives that we don’t have the power to change. But there’s one very concrete thing we can do to fight the coronavirus: get vaccinated for Covid-19, to help move us towards herd immunity. Many of us have already had the first or both shots; many of us are still working on getting an appointment. The process of getting that appointment can be daunting and frustrating. We rejoice that an increasing number of our community members are being successful in getting vaccinated, but for those you haven’t been successful yet, here is some information that might help you.
Appointments can be made through the following web sites, depending upon where you live:
Williamson County       . . . . . .       Travis County.      . . . . . .       Hays County

If you are helping a loved one or friend in another area of Texas or another state to find a vaccination appointment, this information may be helpful.

We do have things to celebrate amid this dark time. Thanks be to God for all those who have fought the virus and overcome it. Thanks be to God for all those who have received one or both doses of the vaccine. Please pray with us:


Sustainer of All,
Hold me in your care as I wait for my turn to be vaccinated,
Thank you for the work of scientists and the labor of healthcare professionals.
Bless the swirl of molecules and antibodies I will receive, the mystical give-and-take within my body.
Open my heart to gratitude,
Even in the midst of much suffering.
This vaccine jab I will get- a new and strange way to receive a blessing.
Stir my conscience to be considerate of others,
That I may do my part working towards herd immunity,
Remind me to continue to wear my mask and social distance,
My obligations to my community and myself,
And give me courage and strength.
Awaken me to vulnerability,
Help me walk with humility towards this common goal.
Draw near to me each day, as I choose to celebrate life and community.
Adapted from “Prayer on the Occasion of Receiving the Coronavirus Vaccine” by Rev. Michael Woolf, Lake Street Church of Evanston, Il.