MLK Day 2022

MLK Day of Service – Jan 17
It is difficult to find activities where we can serve as a group at this time, however there are still ways we can serve. Below are a few examples of how this can be done. There is something for all ages and abilities. Of course there are many more than what is on this list. We would like for you to take a picture of yourself serving and post to Friends of Peace on Facebook or send it to
  1. Collect stuffed animals then donate to a homeless shelter for new arrivals, a women’s shelter or refugee services. A teddy bear can bring comfort to children in times of distress.
  2. Remember Service Men & Women by sending care packages to deployed troops, veterans, and wounded soldiers. Write a letter of gratitude for their service, and include snack and personal care items. Check out Operation Gratitude and Give 2 The Troops organizations to learn where to send your care packages.
  3. Collect unused make-up, perfume, and other cosmetics for a center for abused women.
  4. Fill a pair of new socks with granola bars and bottles of water to give to homeless men and women you pass on the street.
  5. Rake leaves, change light bulbs, or do housework for elderly neighbors.
  6. Visit or call someone who is homebound.
  7. Grab some trash bags and pick up trash to beautify a park or the streets where you take your morning walk.
  1. Linen closets are often overloaded with too many worn out items. Donate old bath towels, blankets, and sheets to your local animal shelter. These household items are used for bedding, clean up and keeping the animals warm.
  2. Write a letter to your representative in Congress about social issues that are important to you and your community.