March is Colorectal Cancer Month

Facts: Colorectal Cancers are the 4th leading cause of deaths from Cancer.

What YOU Can Do: The good news is that colorectal-cancer-preventing habits are nearly identical to those that help your heart!

· Don’t smoke or quit smoking

· Avoid obesity and weight gain around the midsection.

· Increase the intensity and amount of your physical activity.

· Limit red and processed meats.

· Eat more vegetables and fruits.

· Get the recommended levels of calcium and vitamin D, both are needed together.

· Avoid excess alcohol.

· Starting at age 50, men and women at average risk for developing colorectal cancer should have a colonoscopy/sigmoidoscopy.

· People with a family history or at high risk (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis) of colorectal cancers may need to start screening earlier and have more frequent screenings.