Help with vaccine out of area

The website below is useful for helping a loved one or friend in another area of Texas or another state to find a vaccination appointment. The directions below are specific to Texas once you get to #4 below. But navigating this web site for use for another state is not too difficult. Here’s the web site and directions:
  1. Follow the prompts on the screen using the drop down menu. Select your state, occupation (Essential jobs in the drop down menu or check the Non-Essential box), age group, and other factors including ‘long term care resident’ or ‘high risk health concerns’.
  2. Now a circle with a down arrow is presented as a cue the scroll down for more information
  3. The first item is a ‘heat map’ of the states. You can hover over each state to see vaccine statistics for that state.
  4. Scroll down more to What is the vaccine distribution timeline in Texas? You can click ‘Read more’ to read the whole thing and then click ‘hide’ to collapse it again.
  5. This screen will tell you if you’re eligible based on your state’s criteria.
  6. Scroll down more to How will I be notified when it is my turn to receive the vaccine? Click on ‘here’ link to Texas Department of State Health Service (DSHS).
  7. This page has more Texas-specific information about getting vaccinated. The ‘Where to Get Vaccinated’ section provides information on vaccination hubs, availability maps, and providers giving the vaccine. Follow these links to get information about vaccinations in your specific area.
  8. Still having issues finding a vaccination solution for you? Call 2-1-1 for referral to a local vaccine provider. This is a good resource for friends who don’t have internet or have trouble navigating the internet.