New School Year Blessings Aug 16

Though our times of remote worship and learning have both extended beyond what many of us expected…a new academic year is beginning, and we want to surround this transition with blessing…maybe now more than ever. As we continue to worship online on August 16…please bring your book bag, learning technologies, supplies, masks…and anything you anticipate using to support learning and teaching this year for a special blessing and prayer as part of the service. Read more…

A Message from Fatima Mann

A Check In from Young Adult Community Builder, Fatima Mann
Greetings beautiful beings,
I hope this message finds you with peace of mind, you’re drinking water, and taking care of yourselves. Thank you for your grace, love, compassion, and acknowledgement that these times are inviting us to reflect, pause, and transform ourselves holistically. Read more…

New Facebook Group

Join Peace’s new Facebook Group – Friends of Peace Lutheran Austin
This is a public Facebook group where we can share ideas, volunteer opportunities, encourage each other, post fun stuff and discuss things related to the Peace community and ministries. Whether you are interested in Peace, new to Peace or a long time member, please join so you can connect and be part of the conversation.

Update on Campus Closures

In person church gatherings are currently suspended through September 8.
In person Sunday worship is currently suspended until November 29.
All in-person gatherings of Peace Lutheran Church are currently suspended. We hope we can begin to allow small groups to gather at church with safety protocols in place beginning September 8. We will be monitoring the public health situation as that date approaches

Cross Trails Ministry Donations

As is our habit during months where there are five Sundays, Cross Trails Ministry is this month’s opportunity to give to a very worthy ELCA organization. Cross Trails Ministry has summer camps for children and youth at Camp Chrysalis in Kerrville and Ebert Ranch in Harper, and holds retreats throughout the year, including confirmation weekend retreats. Read more…

Weekly Connections Update

Here are some of the ways to stay connected with Peace throughout the week: Read more…

Hill Country Community Ministry

“Do you have any jelly today?” This was a question asked by a client at the HCCM food pantry last week. Happily I could say we sure do have some available because I had just stocked the shelf with food donations from Peace. The client explained that PB&J sandwiches were snacks her kids could prepare for themselves when she works late. Read more…

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

The four or five year old boy stood staring with his big brown eyes under the fringe of dark hair at the shelves of fruit, sandwiches, cookies and chips. This was not his first trip to the Mobile Loaves and Fishes truck that afternoon. He and his brothers had gotten their bags of food at our first stop in the sprawling apartment complex. They’d followed the truck to the next stop, and while the older boys looked at the clothing on the other side of the truck, the littlest stood staring at the food. “Are you still hungry? “ I asked him. He solemnly nodded yes. I gave him an orange and a bag of cookies. A few minutes later, he was back staring again. This time he got a sandwich and some chips. He smiled, said thank you, and ran away. Read more…

Need Help?

Help May Be Available

As we continue through this pandemic it is possible that you or someone you know will be seriously affected. The impact may be financial, social, nutritional, or something else. There is a possibility that resources are available right here at Peace. One example of a resource are 59 shelf stable meals that have recently been donated.

Lord of Life Intern Jason Mills

Lord of Life Lutheran Church welcomes their new intern, Jason Mills. Read more…