Sept 24 Pastor Katy Visit

Pastor Katy Miles-Wallace Visiting September 24
While Vicar Brady Wayne and Pastor Carolyn are at Ebert Ranch on retreat with our confirmation students learning about the Lord’s Prayer, Pastor Katy Miles-Wallace, synod staff member and pastor of Technicolor Ministries will be leading worship at Peace.
Following worship will be a potluck with an encore of Pastor Katy’s God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday session writing trans-affirmation letters. The session will include time to learn about writing letters to elected officials as well as some open time online together to write and color cards of positivity for trans people around the country.

Faith Formation for All Ages

The new program year is here! This year, the children’s circle will meet weekly at 9:30 AM, before worship. Middle school students are invited to join our confirmation cohort (email Pastor Carolyn for information). We also anticipate having at least 2 post-worship learning and fellowship events for adults each month. The schedule will be announced soon, as we gather feedback. Feel free to share your input using the Spiritual Development Survey here.

Water from the Well

Water from the Well: New & Re-newing Member Series

If you are new or returning to Peace…or just looking to renew connections to God and others, we will be hosting a series of sessions for fellowship, learning and conversation this Spring. This series is always shaped by those who wish to participate. Read more…

person reading a book


person reading a book
On November 20th after church, there will be a read out loud circle! Everyone who wishes to participate should bring a written item to read out loud in front of others. It can be from a book, a poem, your own journal, or any other interesting written source, up to two pages or 5 minutes. If the reading sparks conversation, then the group can spend some time on it. If not, we move on down the circle.


Board Game Day!!
On October 30th after church we are hosting a board game day in the narthex. There will be a scrabble set or two, and depending on turnout other options for those who do not want scrabble. We’ll sit down at one of the Narthex tables and play a game or two after church and before lunch. People who want to go out to lunch together after can express interest on the day, or ahead of time if you prefer by emailing

Budget graphic


Budget graphic
Here’s your chance to dive deep into the finances of the congregation and to ask any questions that you might have before the congregational meeting on November 13. The Peace finance team will be available to discuss the council’s approved ministry plan for 2023 and the outlook for 2022-2024 and beyond. We hope you can join us Sunday Nov 6 at 11:30 pm. We’ll meet in the room formerly known as the pastor’s study and also on Zoom.


Stewardship Conversation
Sunday 7:00 pm on Zoom


Stewardship Conversation
Sunday 7:00 pm on Zoom


Church & Fandoms…Communities & Canons
If you are a Trekkie, or participate in the fan communities of others cultural phenomena like Dr. Who, Star Wars, or Twilight & Harry Potter…then you know how serious people can take shows and characters and storylines and their meanings.
In fact, if you are a Christian, you know this already in a different way, right?