Book Discussion: Enlightenment Now

… and sometimes the book reads you.
A Community Connections cluster for March 11 and 18: A modern christian’s reflections on Steven Pinker’s new bestseller “Enlightenment Now”  led by Walid Nasrallah.

The supposed conflict between religion and science seems to be heating up again in the popular conscience with a new book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress, trending in the news and on the best seller charts. 

The good news is that the book is a really good read, and not as anti-religion as one might expect from a casual skim of blurbs about it. The bad news is that Pinker still poses some serious challenges to a reader who is in favor of both progress and Christianity.

Join Walid for discussions and his reflections on Enlightenment Now. Each session has a different focus, and you don’t need to attend the first to participate in the second.