Pentecost is Coming

While we will observe Pentecost very differently this year than we often do, there are a few special things happening that we want you to know about for worship on May 31.
1) We will be having a Zoom fellowship time after worship that Sunday morning. A link will be provided in the Peace Weekly email, and in the comments at the end of worship on Facebook at about 11 am, so you can hop onto zoom for coffee and conversation. We’ll have a few discussion questions and just a time for a good check-in for about 30 minutes for those who can join. You are invited to wear red as a sign of our Pentecost celebration!
2) We celebrate the birth of the church this day, when the gospel was heard in all different languages! We often read Scripture in multiple languages on this day…but this year it will be a little different. If you are able to record a short video of yourself reading a verse of the text from Acts 2 in another language, email me and I’ll send you a verse assignment! (If I’ve got my technology game on point, the video will be part of worship…or we may provide it as a separate devotion via Facebook.)
3) We would usually celebrate confirmation on Pentecost at Peace…but we want to wait until our community can truly be physically present for our confirmands to celebrate the affirmation of their baptism. Instead on this day, we will have a special time for prayer for those preparing for confirmation, as their journey continues and they look forward to that milestone moment. We invite you to keep Ruby, Rex, and Evan in your prayers.
We look forward to this celebration…and to finding joy together in the midst of times of challenge.
In Peace,
Pastor Carolyn