Cross Trails Ministry Donations

As is our habit during months where there are five Sundays, Cross Trails Ministry is this month’s opportunity to give to a very worthy ELCA organization. Cross Trails Ministry has summer camps for children and youth at Camp Chrysalis in Kerrville and Ebert Ranch in Harper, and holds retreats throughout the year, including confirmation weekend retreats. These two camps, as well as special summer programs such as kayaking local central Texas rivers, have been an integral part of Peace’s youth program for decades. Many of our youth have gone on to become counselors and life guards at the camps.
This spring, with the shutdown of our economy in March, Cross Trails lost $85,000 in cancelled retreat funds. This summer, due to the continued pandemic, Cross Trails cancelled the first 2 weeks of camp so that staff could prepare the camps and shelter in place to assure families of healthy locations. After three joy filled weeks of camp, with a little over 200 campers enjoying their time there, and with no reported COVID cases, Cross Trails board made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining camp weeks, as community spread throughout Texas made continuing camp too risky. As of mid-July, Cross Trails had an operating net of -$230,000. Cross Trials received a federal PPP loan and will be getting a $150,000 low interest SBA loan, but as the numbers show, their financial picture is bleak.
Please prayerfully consider making a donation this month for Cross Trails and also keep the staff and board in your prayers as they navigate these next few months to keep Cross Trails afloat into the future. If you’re mailing a check to our PO Box, put Cross Trails in the memo line. If you’re giving online through our website, choose the fund through the drop down menu.
Board of Congregational and Community Care