April 15, 1:30 PM,  Twin Lakes YMCA
Team Captains: Laura Eichner, Rodger Ericson,  Linda Parsells
If you can, please join the Leander-Cedar Park CROP.   Give and invite friends, to donate and walk in the CROP Walk to fight hunger.  The reported total from all walkers as of March 28 is $4,221. Inviting others is our opportunity.  Friends from far and near.  Gifts have come from Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Leander.  Members have donated and others have yet to donate.  Small donations and large ones all matter. Please send this link to friends and past and present and invite them to join the unselfish cause, BECAUSE it is important. 

Donations may be made and add to our goal at: These donations add to our team’s goal, or you can give to one our the following individuals at the same site.  

Mona Ekas, Cyndi O’Rourke, Ryan Albert Donovan, Judy Olson, Sylvia Frisch, Cindy Gust, Lora Kuentsler, Rodger Ericson, Laura Eichner, Diana Goss & Jennifer Graham, Paul & Mary Ellen Hanusa, Becky Reinhart, Kayla & Jillian Brown, Vaike O’Grady, Kelly & Emily Castillo, Linda Parsells, Laura Domitz, Jan Massa, Dorothy Akin, Bill Kleinebecker.