Covid Level Medium

Current COVID Level Medium Please Take Precautions

Austin Public Health and the CDC have moved Travis and Williamson Counties to the Medium Level of viral spread.

At Peace, our Regathering Task Force and Council have continually reviewed the changing landscape of community health and the healthcare interventions available to shape our protocols, in conversation with the values of our faith. Most recently, we have asked that, at Medium, everyone at public and larger gatherings at the church campus (like Sunday worship) wear a mask to be in solidarity with the most vulnerable and create extra layers of protection.

We are grateful that medical interventions have evolved over these years so that vaccines and antiviral treatments can help even those most at risk to be safer from severe illness and hospitalization. As our leaders continue to discern if it is time for another adjustment to our protocols, you are invited to review the precautions recommended for you by health agencies and your doctors…and to follow the protocols that you feel called to follow. There will be extra masks available at church. We will continue to operate our livestream so we can stay connected from home when we need to be home…and we will strive to continue to care for each other in all ways. 

We will communicate again soon about how the details of protocols may continue to evolve along with the ever-changing public health environment. Thank you for being gentle with yourself and others as we continue to move forward.