Stewardship Notes for July, 2019

     In our monthly articles, we have tried to emphasize different aspects of a Stewardship lifestyle.  We hope that you have come to appreciate the depth and breadth of Stewardship and to recognize that this subject includes our whole lives.   We said previously that a steward is someone who manages another person’s property, finances, or affairs.  This month, we want to remind all of us that we are stewards of ourselves – our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.  Now, you might be thinking that, if there is anything that truly and exclusively belongs to ourselves, and not to anyone else, it is our very selves!   Right?  Absolutely not!  Let us explore what the Holy Bible says.

Cross Trails Ministry Summer Camping

Peace has a long tradition of nurturing our youth and families through the programs of Cross Trails Ministry. Their two camps are in the Texas Hill Country; Ebert Ranch a little west of Fredericksburg and Camp Chrysalis just south of Kerrville. Both camps are a fun way to grow, explore, and have fun in a God-centered environment. Youth often form friendships that last a lifetime. This year’s theme is “God in Action.” Our youth will explore how God calls each of us to do God’s work in the world – everyone has a part when God is in Action!

School Supply Drive – Fifth Sunday Giving 

The 8th annual school supply drive for Purple Sage Elementary School will begin this year by designating it as the recipient for Fifth Sunday Giving on June 30. Purple Sage is an elementary school in our church neighborhood with a large population of students on free and reduced lunch who may not have the money to provide all the supplies needed to start the school year.

Stewardship Notes for June 2019

The primary purpose of Stewardship is to serve the will of God.  The main goal of our Peace Lutheran Church Stewardship Planning Committee is to help all of our congregation’s members and participants to live their lives with purpose and meaning, so that God’s creating, redeeming, and sanctifying activity will flourish in our community and world.   We seek to equip, nurture, and challenge all people who are connected with Peace Lutheran Church to lead a Stewardship lifestyle which encompasses all areas of living and is not limited to providing financial support for our congregation, and for God’s people elsewhere.

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32nd Annual National Cancer Survivor’s Day

National Cancer Survivors Day® is a celebration for those who have survived, and an inspiration for those recently diagnosed with cancer. A ‘survivor’ is anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.

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How Peace Serves

“Are you available to provide a ride for someone?” is a call I get sometimes from our volunteer office. It may be for a ride for a medical appointment, to be picked up after their dialysis treatment, to attend Mass, or to go shopping.  Many of us at Peace are volunteers with Faith in Action, Drive a Senior, Northwest who “drive a senior” somewhere… We help men and women who are not able to drive or should not be driving. I especially like to help people who are on kidney dialysis.

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Men and Stephen Ministry

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Pull yourself together. . . . Cheer up. . . . Tough it out. . . . It’s not that bad.” Perhaps people have said it to you. Or perhaps you keep saying it to yourself. But it hasn’t helped. You’re still hurting. Things are coming apart. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go through your struggles alone. Help is available.

Stewardship Notes for May 2019

This month, we emphasize that we are Stewards of Money and Wealth.   By definition, a steward is someone who manages another person’s property, finances, or other affairs.  Now, you may be thinking that you are barely able to manage your own money and wealth, and much less able to take responsibility for someone else’s finances.   Nevertheless, God has called you to take care of the financial resources that He has entrusted to you.  Read more…

The Mystery That’s Always in the Room

At the beginning of Lent, I went to a panel discussion of leaders who care for people at the end of life. One of them, a chaplain, spoke of how powerfully she is called to her work…how deep an honor it is…because she bears witness to the great mystery that is in the room when death comes. She went on to say…the mystery is always in the room, of course… Read more…

Stewardship Notes for April 2019

     This month, our Stewardship emphasis is that we are Stewards of God’s Creation.   From the beginning of the Book of Genesis, we learn that when God created humanity, He created us to have dominion over other animals (Genesis 1:26 & 28), which did not mean that humans were given unlimited power to exploit nature but, instead, humans were intended to serve as God’s representatives in the created order.