Men and Stephen Ministry

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Pull yourself together. . . . Cheer up. . . . Tough it out. . . . It’s not that bad.” Perhaps people have said it to you. Or perhaps you keep saying it to yourself. But it hasn’t helped. You’re still hurting. Things are coming apart. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go through your struggles alone. Help is available.

Stewardship Notes for May 2019

This month, we emphasize that we are Stewards of Money and Wealth.   By definition, a steward is someone who manages another person’s property, finances, or other affairs.  Now, you may be thinking that you are barely able to manage your own money and wealth, and much less able to take responsibility for someone else’s finances.   Nevertheless, God has called you to take care of the financial resources that He has entrusted to you.  Read more…

The Mystery That’s Always in the Room

At the beginning of Lent, I went to a panel discussion of leaders who care for people at the end of life. One of them, a chaplain, spoke of how powerfully she is called to her work…how deep an honor it is…because she bears witness to the great mystery that is in the room when death comes. She went on to say…the mystery is always in the room, of course… Read more…

Stewardship Notes for April 2019

     This month, our Stewardship emphasis is that we are Stewards of God’s Creation.   From the beginning of the Book of Genesis, we learn that when God created humanity, He created us to have dominion over other animals (Genesis 1:26 & 28), which did not mean that humans were given unlimited power to exploit nature but, instead, humans were intended to serve as God’s representatives in the created order.  

 Reflections on Listening to the Congregation

The Listening Team has started the next phase of the Missional River process which is to listen to the community.  We want to share our reflections on what were some of the key takeaways from listening to the congregation. Read more…

Staying Healthy During Lent

During Lent, many people give up foods or sweets that they enjoy. The practice of fasting or giving up something is to help us turn away from whatever has distracted or derailed us and to turn back to God; thus allowing us to focus on turning our hearts and minds back toward God.

Compare & Contrast – Mutual Ministry & Stephen Ministry

These ministries are an integral part of Peace Lutheran Church.  How do I know?  I’ve participated in both and been rewarded personally by serving in each of these ministries.

Stephen Ministry has been a part of Peace for approximately 25 years.  During that time the Stephen Ministers have served unselfishly to be available to people in crisis.  Some of those people were members of our congregation and others were members of the community at large.  Some of those people felt blessed and were grateful enough that they also became Stephen Ministers to serve others.

News from our preschool…

Peace Preschool will be holding our annual spring fundraiser and silent auction Tuesday – Thursday, April 23-25.  This spring we are taking a break from the carnival. Instead, we will have a “kick-off” breakfast April 23 at 9am, then our auction will conclude at 1pm on the 25th.   You’re welcome to drop by any time between 9am – 1pm those days to bid on items. We’ll have our usual gift certificates, including fun family activities in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin.  We also have a night at the Fairmont Austin.  If you would like to support the preschool via our silent auction, please contact director Mary Mayo for a list of silent auction items.  We’ll be providing a “buy now” option and can also arrange to bid on your behalf if you’re a Peace member.  Email or call the preschool at 512-401-6001 or

5th Sunday Giving – Equipping Leaders of Tomorrow Today!

In 2018 an amazing journey to create the Tiemann Endowment Fund for Leadership Development was begun. This fund was successfully established to support the development of congregational lay leaders, pastors, and deacons serving under Letter of Call.

Read more…


As Spring 2019 approaches, consider helping to care for our church grounds by adopting a garden area as part of Peace’s ADOPT A PLOT program:  Read more…