As Spring 2019 approaches, consider helping to care for our church grounds by adopting a garden area as part of Peace’s ADOPT A PLOT program: 
  • Dividing up the areas makes the job much easier.
  • You can do “more” or “less” at your own pace.
  • You can work alone or with partners or as a family to adopt and maintain a plot.
  • Gardening can be therapeutic as well as an opportunity to connect with nature.

We have identified 32 plots with 14 already assigned to caretakers.  Some have already been worked up and planted and simply require weeding and watering (9 of the 18 plots remaining), some have just been started, and others are long range recommendations.  If you need some help, we have several volunteers who are more than willing to work with you. 

To ADOPT A PLOT contact Becky Reinhart at